A Cutting Edge Web-Based Workshop

The Deliberate Practice web-based workshop is designed to enhance your therapeutic skills and effectiveness with the most challenging and difficult clinical scenarios and clients.

  • Raise your effectiveness to the next level;
  • Improve your ability to engage, retain, and help a more diverse clientele;
  • Help you develop and sustain a lifelong, professional development plan.


Our most recent book

K. Anders Ericsson

“[Better Results] clearly shows that a given clinician’s performance is not the result of some inherent, immutable limit on their ability to succeed but is a function of the methods they use to train and develop.

Most important of all, it provides therapists with the means for delivering more effective care.”

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Top Performance Blog

Scott Miller Ph.D.

All things FIT and DP related, Top Performance Blog and more…

Frontiers of Psychotherapists Development

Daryl Chow, Ph.D.

Helping therapists at their own frontier

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